Custom residential construction is the foundation of Airehart Construction. Scores of custom homes designed by the region's notable designers have been built by our craftsmen. From Country estates surrounded by orchards and vineyards to canyon front modern manors overlooking Bidwell park, we have turned residential construction into an art form. We are continually referred and recruited to build the homes of prominent members of our community. These accolades are due to our unflinching pursuit of perfection in design and construction applications. Our roots stem from a perfection of the foundation and framing trades in the most challenging environments. We are called upon to build homes perched on basalt lava cap canyon rims and in the middle of orchards susceptible to seasonal flooding. We firmly believe that a home’s ability to resist the elements and mesh with the surrounding environment depend on the integrity of the design and construction of the building. We accomplish this by utilizing the most progressive materials and techniques, and by working with the most accomplished and trustworthy sub-contractors, engineers, consultants, and inspectors in Northern California. Building efficiency and green building practices are a focal point of our construction philosophy. We engineer and build the solar aspects of the home. Provide rain catchment systems, radiant heating, sustainable landscaping, and are knowledgeable and willing to provide the most stringent LEED building practices as required by code or requested by our clients. As Airehart Construction perfects the structural building process from roofing to plumbing, no detail is left without scrutiny in the finish of our homes. The finest and most unique finishing materials paired with superior craftsmanship combine to produce distinctive Airehart custom homes. When guided by Airehart’s signature style, seamless woodworking, superior tile and flooring, amazing decks, pools, and beyond, your home will be an object of comfort and marvel throughout the decades. As our clients can attest, each client of establishes their own unique personal connection with our firm. And throughout the life of your home Airehart Construction will always be a phone call away to address all maintenance issues, upgrades, et. al. Brian often coming personally to inspect and coordinate and insure lasting perfection in every aspect of your home.